S. N. Muire an Seanbhaile, An Seanbhaile, Co. Baile Átha Cliath.

Information  for Parents



Welcome to St. Mary’s National School’s website! We are a small, mixed school located in the rural village of Oldtown, North County Dublin. We endeavour to provide an enjoyable, stimulating experience for your child, ensuring they have wonderful memories of their time here with us. Being a small school, St. Mary’s is like an extended family for both staff and pupils. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff members for their continuous hard work in ensuring your child reaches their full potential, both in and out of school hours.


I hope you enjoy exploring our website and don,t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page which is updated regularly with photos of school events.

 Le meas

 Jane Kirwan,Principal.



St. Mary’s N.S. is a village school which caters for all children living in the village of Oldtown and the surrounding areas.
The school was built in 1946 as a 2 classroom school.  In 2009 we were able to extend and build on 3 new full size classrooms and a learning support room.    We are now a 7 teacher school with 5 classroom teachers including 2 ASD unit teachers and 2 teachers  for Learning Support & Resource.The school currently has 8 full time SNAs.


We also have a part-time secretary.  Mrs. Teresa Smith who works from 9am to 1pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week.  Her office is in  the original building at the front of the school.

Please note that when the office is vacant, the front door of the school is  locked for health, safety and security reasons.Visitors are asked to use the doorbell.  


Ethos of St Mary’s NS


In St. Mary’s NS, where the ethos is that of a Catholic school, religious instruction, in accordance with the doctrine and tradition of the Catholic Church is part of the education given to children who belong to that Church.  The school aims at promoting the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the person of the pupil: intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual, including a living relationship with God and with other people.
The pupils are prepared for the reception of the sacraments of First Confession, First Holy Communion and Confirmation, in accordance with arrangements in the diocese.
Prayer is a feature of the school day.
The Principal and teaching staff aim at maintaining high professional standards and creating a safe and happy environment. 
The school aims at promoting the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the pupil, including his / her relationship with God, with other people and with the environment.
A spirit of mutual respect is promoted within the school community. Pupils are drawn by example and teaching to appreciate and respect people of different religious affiliations and of different nationalities.
Close contact is maintained between school and home. Parents / guardians and teachers support one another and collaborate with one another in leading the children to the fullness of their potential at the different stages.
Ancillary staff in the school are highly esteemed and respected. It is recognised that their work makes a valued contribution to the process of education.


Board of Management.

The school is run by the Board of Management.  The Board is made up of 8 people: 2 Patron’s/Diocesan nominees, 2 Parent Representatives, 2 Community Members, the Principal and 1 teacher.
The Board of Management has a 4 year term and elections are held usually in the Autumn to elect the 2 parent representatives.  Next election will be in November 2023.
The names of the current members of the Board of Management are displayed on the Parent Information Notice Board beside the door.


Parents Association.

All parents / guardians are automatically members of the Parents Association of our school.  We have been very lucky in recent years to have a very active committee and a very supportive group of parents. 
The parents not only give input into policies in the school but have actively fundraised to provide equipment and resources for the children in the school.  They have assisted in the provision of computers, software, library books, maths and science equipment.  With the result that the children are provided with a wide range of educational equipment to enhance their learning and development.
The parents in this school give huge support throughout the year.  They organise refreshments for the children and their families following First Communion.  They organise the Barbeque on the Fun Day in June, they provide lifts to football matches and other events.
The parents are an integral part of our school and their contribution is warmly welcomed.
The names of the officers of the Parents Association are displayed on the Parent Information Notice Board.

The School Day.

The school opens at 9.00 am every morning for all children.  It should be noted that supervision is provided for the 10 minutes until the doors open at 9 00am.  Children are the responsibility of their parents/guardians until they are welcomed into the school by the teachers.
In the mornings the children come in through the door at the playground and walk to their classrooms from there. 


The first break at 10 50 is the Fruit Break and after a fruit/vegetable snack, the children go out to play for ten minutes. At 12.45  the children eat their lunch and then go out to play at 12.55 until 1.20.

Junior and Senior Infant children go home at 1.40pm.  The other classes all go home at 2.40pm.  On days of closure for Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays the children go home at 12.00.  These dates are shown on the school calendar for the year.

Children are brought by their teacher to the path at the front of the school and leave the school by the Pedestrian gate.  We ask you to collect your child(ren) from there.  Teachers will not allow children to go outside the gate unless they see a parent there.  If someone else is collecting your child please inform your child’s teacher so that there is no confusion on the day.

We understand that older children may walk home alone, please inform your child’s teacher when you feel your child is old enough for this.  We feel that children should be in at least 2nd class before this happens.

Please be careful when parking outside the school to park in the designated parking spaces.  Please do not park on the yellow lines or in the yellow box at the school vehicular gate.
The yellow lines provide a safe passage way so that the children can access the school via the pedestrian gate safely.

Please also consider if you could walk to collect your child.  Some families are within walking distance and it would relieve congestion at school opening and closing times.  
Please do not double park as this causes a serious risk for children crossing the road as the view for on-coming traffic is restricted.

If your child has to leave the school during the day please send in a note to the class teacher.  Children must be collected by an adult if they are leaving the school early.  We do this solely in the interest of your child.


School Uniform / Tracksuit .


The school tracksuit is provided by Pat O Farrell, O'Farrell Schoolwear Ltd, Unit 2, N1 Business Park, Swords. 018139714. 
The tracksuit is grey and has the school crest on it.
The children wear a yellow polo shirt with the school crest under the top.
Tracksuits can be ordered in June on a date when staff from Pat O Farrell will come and collect orders.  When the tracksuit is ready, there will be a collection day in the school or alternatively you can collect the tracksuit from Pat O Farrell shop. 

Children may also wear a uniform as follows:

    • Grey trousers / pinafore / skirt

    • Grey jumper / cardigan

    • Blue shirt

Uniforms are readily available in most clothes shops, including Pat O Farrell Schoolwear.

Please write / put your child’s name on all items of clothing as it is very easy for clothes to be confused and your child end up with the wrong garment.


Booklists are distributed in May for the following school year.  We offer a rental scheme for readers and other text books.  This scheme is limited in the early years as most of the books the children have are workbooks and are written in by the children.  The scheme is quite extensive from 3rd class up as the children are encouraged to write only in copies.

Rental books are available through the school and can be ordered by contacting Mrs. Smith and returning the form attached to the book lists.

                 Workbooks, etc can be purchased in school book shops.We provide Easons of Ashbourne with a copy of our booklist every year and they will have our books in stock ready for parents to purchase.


School Services.

Every year a charge is made for photocopying, Art & Craft and Standardised Tests.  This contribution supplements what the Board of Management can provide from the Capitation Grant given by the Department of Education & Skills and allows us to provide a wide range of additional activities and supports for your child.  Your support is appreciated.


Personal Accident Insurance

We offer the facility whereby you can take out 24 hour cover against accident through Allianz Insurance.  This valuable scheme costs €8 per annum at the moment for 24/7  cover. (Please note: This price is a reduction on previous year’s prices)  Full details of the scheme are available in the office.

Contact details.

Please ensure that we have up to date contact details for you and for the person nominated to be care-giver for your child.  This is important as we send WEB TEXTS to ensure that parents are kept informed of up coming events. 

Should the decision be taken by the Board of Management for an emergency closure of the school (e.g. in the event of snow/ no heat / etc), parents will be informed as early as possible.  Web texts are invaluable in these cases.  Last Winter was an example of how an unusual and unexpected closure may occur.


School Calendar.

The School Calendar is issued in June following the approval of the Board of Management.  The Calendar informs parents of all planned closures during the school year so that parents may plan ahead.See main menu for current year. 

Upcoming Events and recent news:
  Due to the extra bank holiday recently announced,we will now be closed on Thursday 2nd June.      

                      Volleyball tournament in Mountrath on March 10th.

Fingal league starting in March.

Gaelic games coaching on Tuesdays all year.




Upcoming Events and recent news:
  Due to the extra bank holiday recently announced,we will now be closed on Thursday 2nd June.

  Horse riding for Rooms 1 and 2 will begin on Thursday 5th May for six weeks.

  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates and photos.                    


Gaelic games coaching on Tuesdays all year.            

Confrmation will be held on Friday 20th May in Oldtown, with the ceremony of light On Thursday the 10th March.

First Holy Communion will be held in Oldtown on Sat  21st May with the enrollment ceremony on Wed 30th March.