Active School Flag

The pupils and staff of St. Mary’s N.S. have decided to work towards achieving an Active School Flag this year. An Active School Flag (ASF) is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. All children require 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity EVERY day.  At present, 80% of Irish primary school children do not reach this target. The Active School Flag programme aims to get schools more active, more often. Throughout this process, we will be evaluating our current provision of PE and extracurricular sports to children and will examine whether they can be improved upon. We also aim to get involved in lots of active opportunities throughout the school year to get everybody up moving and having fun!

Active School Flag Committee


We have set up an Active School Flag Committee comprising of one student from 1st Class to 6th Class. The Committee will meet up regularly with the Active School Flag Co-ordinator, Ms Comer, to discuss and plan lots of active initiatives within our school throughout the year. They will regularly update the Active Schools Noticeboard, check the Suggestion Box and propose ideas on behalf of their fellow classmates. They will also be in charge of organising the sports equipment

2018 - 2019

Active School Flag Committee

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Active School Flag Suggestion Box

An Active School Flag Suggestion Box was created and placed in front of the ASF Noticeboard in the corridor outside the office. This is for students, teachers and parents alike to post their ideas in. The boys and girls on the Active School Flag Committee will be responsible for checking the Suggestion Box on a regular basis and presenting the information at their meetings.

Active School Flag Noticeboard

There is an Active School Flag Noticeboard in the corridor outside the office. This will be updated regularly by the Active School Flag Committee to show how the pupils and staff in St. Mary’s N.S. are keeping active in school, most recently with our Halloween ‘Spooky Stroll’. Come inside and have a look!

Keeping Active on Wet Days

On the days that it rains we are not able to go outside at lunchtime to use the yard and unfortunately we do not have a school hall. However we are working hard this year at keeping as active as possible on the days we have to stay indoors for lunch. All classes engage in ‘Bizzy Breaks’ and all of the teachers have copies of ‘Bizzy Break’ ideas suggested by the Irish Heart Foundation. We are taking part in the Super Troopers programme this year and they also have some great ideas for activities to try in the classroom on rainy days. The students also love getting active with Go Noodle on a daily basis. Some of our senior students are Playground Leaders and on days we have to stay indoors they help out in the Junior Room with these activities. We have a second Active School noticeboard dedicated to ideas for keeping active on these rainy days!