"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
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​Junior Room


​Middle Room


'The Middle Room were learning all about the solar system. We then entered a science   competition where we made a video based on the solar system. We used the Minions as our main characters.

Senior Room


Maloney's Dream

 at Draiocht



The senior room went to Draiocht Theatre in Blanchardstown to see "Maloney's Dream",a play set in Dublin during the 1916 rising.


                The play "Maloney's Dream"is about a man called Maloney who inherited a hotel from his father who sadly passed away.In the play he sets up the best hotel in Ireland,but when he has his grand opening, the 1916 rising is going on and the story is based around this.

                        The play is very creative and never has a dull moment.There were only six actors and only one setting but different props for different scenes.They used puppets as well

                  It was a heart warming and sad play.It felt like it was actually the 1916 rising.It was funny and amazing. I would rate it ten out of ten.

       Emily Dunne (5th class)